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The wines

Our wines are balanced, fresh, persistent, obtained from healthy, perfectly ripened grapes. Their unique character is due to the great range of varieties we grow, so that we can make wines which are tremendously rich to taste, which contain the best of each variety: the elegance of the Tempranillo, the fruit of the Garnacha, the tannin of the Mazuelo or the acidity and persistence of the Graciano. The result is a series of wines with great expression in aroma and bouquet which carry notes of spices or red and black-berried fruit, with a sensation of volume and plenitude.


To produce them, we combine the art of tradition with the mastery and control of the latest winemaking practices. Thanks to this we achieve excellent wines which we market under our Real Rubio label, in its different types (Whites, Reds and Rosés), and according to the length of ageing (young wines, crianzas, reservas and gran reservas) and the kind of growing practice (organic or traditional).

Our varietal diversity opens up a world of possibilities to us for making unique, personal wines

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It is with its red wines that the winery achieves its maximum expression, both on the nose and on the palate. Colours in which the garnet is covered with black-cherry hues in the young wines, opening up to ruby nuances in the wines with ageing. On the nose they are complex, with aromas ranging from dark fruit, via the balsamic range, and recreating themselves among spicy and toasted tones provided by casks made of top quality oak. In the mouth it is full, balanced and varied, from the youngest wines where you can almost taste the grapes, to the sophisticated finesse of the reservas.



In Viñedos Real Rubio we give special attention to our white wines. We are pioneers in making them from the latest varieties to be approved by the Rioja appellation, Verdejo, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Our blends of Viura with Verdejo or Sauvignon encourage refreshing mouth sensations which grow longer as we drink them and impregnate the palate with refreshing flavours and hints of tropical fruit.

Finally, as well as the varieties allowed by the DOCa Rioja, we also make a sweet White wine using the Muscat aux petits grains grape which proves delicious either with an aperitif or at the end of a meal.

Vino Blanco
Vino blanco ecológico



Respect for nature in the vineyard is the thread running through Viñedos Real Rubio, but perhaps the best example of these environmentally friendly growing practices, with a total absence of phytosanitary treatments, is our range of organic wines.

We have 26 hectares of organic vineyards of the Verdejo, Graciano, Chardonnay, Tempranillo and Muscatel varieties, which have increasingly greater appreciation among our customers and which form part of a special sensitivity towards ecology but, above all, which mark our work ethos.



Attractive colors range from pink, from the palest to some provocative currant, mark their presence in the pink. Wines cheerful and fun that will delight all types of consumers, resulting in a delicate tasting experience and subtle.

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