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In Viñedos Real Rubio we only make wine from estate vineyards guaranteeing the maximum control over how the grapes are grown and harvested. In addition, they are all situated no more than 10 kilometres from the winery, so that the grapes do not begin to ferment during transport and conserve all their properties until they enter the winery.

ripeness control

Checks are carried out on the ripening process in the vineyards from August onwards so that we can decide the ideal moment to harvest each parcel and each variety. We harvest early in the morning so as to avoid the midday heat which can lead to premature fermentation of the grapes. We pick the grapes from the best plots by hand, into crates and small containers, so that after an initial selection on the vine itself, we can then make a second check before they enter the winery.

La vendimia
Detalle racimo
Grape sprting

We vinify the grapes of each variety and from each plot separately, which allows us to classify the wines according to their source. After alcoholic fermentation, the must of the most carefully selected grapes can be left macerating for ten days, in contact with the skins, until the combination of tannins and anthocyanins stabilizes.

The aging

The wines destined for ageing are passed into French- and American-oak barrels in mid winter. Some wines are exclusively from a single grape while others have the right blend of each variety depending on the type of wine we want to obtain. This ageing process provides the wines with compounds from the wood and its toasting, as well as gradual doses of oxygen through the pores, conferring roundness, maturity and stability. By closely monitoring the evolution of its aromas and tasting we are able to decide the ideal moment to bottle it.

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